Radio Production and Placement, Pandora, Hispanic Radio and Radio Promotions

We know and love radio. In fact, if you turn on just about any radio station — internet or terrestrial — you’re likely to hear one of our spots within minutes. Our comprehensive approach includes writing creative spots, to generating promotions and defining the best demographics.

Work Samples

Sports radio advertising and promotions for Vasectomies all started in 2009 when Prevedello Hettick created the first March Madness “Snip City” promotion for Oregon Urology Institute.  This example is just one of the many ways we’ve continued to advertise Vasectomies in targeted sports radio.

Radio commercial for Knife River in Central Oregon.

Good copy, excellent sound design, and the right voice talent creates powerful radio.  This ad was purposely produced as a 30-second commercial so that it can seamlessly run on traditional radio and Pandora radio.

Customer testimonials are only effective when they’re authentic and real.   Listen to this example of a testimonial radio ad where the best 20 seconds of a 10-minute customer interview are selected for the final ad.

OCCU “Duck/Non Duck” - This radio ad combines a retail promotion with the client’s Oregon Duck sponsorship.  “Now Available in Duck and Non-Duck” also became the headline in outdoor, transit and digital marketing assets.

Sometimes simple is best.  This message features compelling copy delivered by a friendly voice.

Auto clients often want big, loud and lots of sound effects.  That doesn’t mean the ad can’t also be creative and fun.

We’ve created and produced one new radio ad every year for the last eight years for this local floor covering business.   The ads always feature our “Carpet Couple”.  The goal is to introduce a fresh message every year, but with a creative and immediately recognizable radio ad.