Our Background

It all started January 1, 2010, when Scott Hettick and John Prevedello joined forces to serve a post-recession community of businesses who wanted powerful and purposeful advertising to grow their businesses. The idea was to keep the primary focus on getting value for their clients. In other words, matching their clients with the right ad mix and message, so there is a favorable return on advertising investment.

But you could really say that it started 20 years before that, back in 1990, when John and Scott first met each other and started working together — Scott at an agency, John on the media side. It was a natural match, since each had a compatible philosophy and experience that complemented the other one. But circumstances kept them working on their own, even if this would only be a matter of time.

In 2002, John and Scott started talking about how to move things ahead. They both felt that the time was right for a new agency to serve Eugene and other Northwest markets. So John took the first step and opened Prevedello & Associates Advertising, building a clientele of advertisers and a network of advertising professionals. With this arrangement, John and Scott could collaborate on projects, while Scott continued to work on his own and for another firm.

2009 brought a recession reverberating from the national level, all the way to the local. As a result, businesses started demanding more serious, focused advertising – something Scott and John had been doing on their own for years. With this economic "perfect storm" of demand and crisis, Scott and John knew the time was right to move.

And move they did, with Scott joining John's existing agency. The new agency, Prevedello Hettick Marketing Company, continues to serve Northwest clients in various industries with smart and focused advertising plans.