PH Story

Prevedello Hettick Marketing Company specializes in creating comprehensive annual marketing strategies based on research and practical experience.  We distill large amounts of information into easy-to follow, one-page plans that map messaging, media and budget.

And then, we make it happen.

Our Team



John Prevedello’s 27 years’ experience in Eugene advertising and media started at KEZI, where he spent 14 years in media sales, and then as sales manager and eventually general manager. After that, he managed sales at Cumulus Radio's six radio stations in Eugene. In 2004, he opened Prevedello & Associates Advertising, which is now Prevedello Hettick Marketing Company. Prevedello graduated from North Eugene High School, and went on to earn degrees in business and communications from Linfield College in 1988.



Scott Hettick’s 25 years of agency experience comes from working as media director for Baden & Company and operating Hettick Media Services.  Before that, he worked at Grey Advertising in New York City. Hettick graduated from Canby High School in 1984 before attending the University of Oregon. He graduated with a degree in Journalism from the UO in 1990.



Lisa Prevedello graduated from Sandy High School in 1985. She then attended Linfield College and graduated with a BA in Psychology in 1989. She worked several years at U.S. Bank in the branch system and the employee benefits area.  She joined Prevedello & Associates in 2005, and assumed the role of business manager of Prevedello Hettick Marketing in 2010. 

Company History

2018 is the 15th year that John Prevedello and Scott Hettick have teamed up together in the advertising agency business.  

The list of local, regional, and even national name clients they’ve worked for gets longer every year, and their expertise continues to grow into new types of media and business categories.  

Here’s a list of just some of the businesses that are more famous today because Prevedello Hettick Marketing has helped them through smart advertising and marketing campaigns:

  • Bigfoot Beverages and Pepsi and Mt Dew and Dr Pepper and the good microbrews they distribute like Good Life and Pelican.
  • Oregon Urology Institute including the original “Snip City” Vasectomy campaign.
  • Credit Unions SELCO and, more recently, OCCU.
  • Gentle Dental and its previous name Oregon Dental Care.
  • Knife River in Central Oregon.
  • Kiefer Mazda in Eugene.
  • Team Mazda Subaru in Boise.
  • The Carpet Company, Musgrove Mortuaries, Rexius, Feynman Group, Ward Insurance, and other local family-owned businesses.

John and Scott know how to seize marketing opportunities through image/brand approaches and heavy retail marketing. And the reason for client success isn't a mystery. It comes from a place the industry often overlooks: client confidence.

John and Scott realize that, when their clients feel they have a handle on the strategy and the budget, they make bolder decisions. And because these bold decisions are based on good evidence and a coherent strategy, they're consistently successful.

So how do John and Scott do it? Well, let's just say it's not rocket science. It's mostly hard work, curiosity, and experience paired with an open mind. It's a systematic approach that asks the hard questions to build a plan that fits your goals and budget.

What does that look like? John and Scott create an annual strategy that blends research and practical experience. When that's approved, they deliver a one-page annual plan, outlining media tactics, message themes, budget totals, and annual spending.
No meaningless data. No large text blocks filled with vague and obscure marketing language. Just a coherent, informative, at-a-glance marketing brief.

Of course, John and Scott wouldn't have seen so much consistent client success if they didn't have fifty-two years' combined experience coming into it. Plus, their nationwide network of creative talent has earned them a shelf full of national advertising awards for advertising excellence on behalf of their clients. 

But all the awards and experience don't mean much unless their clients see success. So, even though it's fun to look back, you'll have to excuse them if they're still more excited about the future.